Old Beauregard Jail Prison Louisiana Hanging Gothic Spiral Staircase Historic Haunted Photo Surreal Dark Jewel Tones Art by LadyAlchemy13

Canvas Print Gallery Wrapped Photo Old Beauregard Gothic Hanging Jail Spiral Staircase DeRidder Surreal Dark Jewel Tone Art by LadyAlchemy13
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“DeRidder, Louisiana. Gothic Jail. I spent an entire day there photographing the jail. It was absolutely beautiful inside and out. Unused since 1982, the building is about to undergo renovations to eventually open to the public as a museum. The dank and partially flooded underground tunnel connecting the jail to the court house was scheduled to be permanently sealed and filled just days after my visit. From Wikipedia: “The building known as the “Old Beauregard Parish Jail” is a structure that is considered one of the most distinctive of its

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